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Welcome to the VT Writing Center!

We are offering online services this summer, starting May 20 and ending August 9.  Here are the two types of schedules available:

Synchronous Tutoring

Live Online Writing Consultations:

  • These appointments take place in real-time with both the client and coach meeting online.
  • Clients can talk with a writing coach on anything writing related — from brainstorming topic ideas to issues of development, organization, or editing. 
  • These appointments are the best option for most writers; we can help at any stage of the writing process. 

Asynchronous Tutoring

24 hrs. Later Written Feedback

  • This is a very one-sided appointment, so we recommend using it as a follow-up to a synchronous appointment (with the same coach whenever possible) for a final read-through of a draft.
  • For this type of appointment, clients share information about their project and attach their draft to receive written feedback from the coach within 24 hours of the appointment’s start time.
  • Coaches do not edit clients’ papers, but will try to provide some revision suggestions, in addition to briefly commenting on global concerns such as focus, development, and organization. 
  • This service does not provide writing assistance beyond a quick read-through. For more comprehensive assistance, choose a synchronous appointment instead.

For more information about the Writing Center, please contact Jennifer Lawrence, at or Travis Webster,